Intensive Major

Intensive Major (The Intensive Major has no official standing. The course schedule below should be taken as a set of recommendations only.)

1. The following three courses (acceptable substitutes shown): PHIL 0500 (or 1500); 0200 (or 1020 or 1040); 0210 (or 1110 or 1140).

2. At least five 1000-level courses beyond those counted under 1 above; these five courses must include at least one course from each of the following four groups:

a. History of Philosophy (PHIL 1020-1190);
b. Value Theory (PHIL 1300-1390);
c. Metaphysics and Epistemology (PHIL 1420-1490)
d. Logic and Philosophy of Science (PHIL 1500-1690)

3. An acceptable senior paper. The student must sign up either for PHIL 1940 (3 crs.) or PHIL 1940 and 1941 (6 crs.) with the prior permission of a faculty member who has agreed to supervise the student's work. Neither PHIL 1940 nor 1941 counts toward the five 1000-level courses mentioned in 2 above.

4. A total of at least 36 credit hours in philosophy.