The University of Pittsburgh is ranked as one of the best philosophy departments in the country, one with a long tradition of fine teaching. A major in philosophy provides excellent preparation for such professions as law, medicine, and business. The conceptual sophistication imparted by training in philosophy is invaluable in virtually any field of learning or any serious profession.

Undergraduate students who are majoring in biology, psychology, history, or computer science also should consider a second major in philosophy, something which the Department of Philosophy encourages. The department has a series of requirements that explain the courses you need to take. The department also offers a double major, a joint major, and a minor in philosophy.

While the department encourages students to major in philosophy, either alone or as a second major, only rarely does it encourage students to pursue philosophy in graduate school as preparation for a scholarly career.

Students who do especially well in either the standard or intensive major program graduate with honors in philosophy. The superior national reputation of Pitt's philosophy department helps Pitt graduates obtain admission into selective graduate or professional schools.

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