Logic, Truth, and Objecthood

A Celebration of Tom Ricketts' work in the history of analytic philosophy

An in-person conference will be held at the University of Pittsburgh to celebrate the work of Professor Thomas Ricketts on the occasion of his retirement.

Date: September 16, 2022

Location: 1008CL

Tentative Schedule:

8:15-9:00 - Breakfast/Coffee and Registration

9:00-10:10 - Juliet Floyd, “Logic and Forms of Life: Techniques and the Notion of ‘Practice’ in Later Wittgenstein”

10:15-11:25 - Michael Kremer, "Gilbert Ryle's Fregean Inheritance"

11:30-12:40 Tyke Nunez, "Not quite yet a hazy limbo of mystery: Intuition in Russell's An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry"

12:40-1:30 Lunch (catered on 10th floor CL)

1:30-2:40 Jeremy Heis, "Bertrand Russell, Neo-Logicist"

2:45-3:55 Sanford Shieh, "Does Judging order its Terms?"

4:00-5:10 Gary Ebbs, "Quine on Observation Sentences: Problems and Changes."

5:10-7:00 Reception (Braun Room, 12th floor CL)


Please RSVP to James Pearson (j1pearson@bridgew.edu) if you plan to attend.

Organizers: Tyke Nunez (an16@mailbox.sc.edu), James Pearson (j1pearson@bridgew.edu), James Shaw (jrs164@pitt.edu).