Alison Springle


1009C CL
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


I’m a third-year graduate student working primarily in the philosophy of mind, perception, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. I am in the midst of several projects all of which hook up with three (related) broad research topics: (1) the relationship between the individual senses and between sensation and perception, (2) the nature of (in particular perceptual) content, and (3) representational theories of perceptual experience, intentionality, and consciousness.

My researches in the philosophy of mind (broadly construed) inevitably merge with topics in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science. I have a predilection for thoroughness, so I’m interested not only contemporary approaches to my topics, but in modern, early modern, ancient, non-western and non- traditional “analytic” approaches as well. I also have a fancy for philosophical tools, and think that empirical work (for me this is mostly work in the mind and perceptual sciences) as well as the history of science and philosophy, when used thoughtfully, are invaluable members of the philosopher of mind’s toolset.