Nandi Theunissen

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy

Nandi Theunissen (PhD Columbia) is an associate professor of philosophy. She works on foundational topics in ethics with a focus on the nature of value, including the value of humanity. She is currently thinking about excellence, the well-lived life, and our relationship to ourselves.

Representative Publications



  • Richard Kraut, "Review of The Value of Humanity, by L. Nandi Theunissen," Mind, 2020. pdf
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  • Rethinking the Value of Humanity. Edited by Sarah Buss and Nandi Theunissen. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Jan. 2023.


  • “Kant’s Commitment to Metaphysics of Morals,” European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 24, Iss. 1 (accepted 2013; in print 2016): pp. 103-128.
  • “Must We Be Just Plain Good? On Regress Arguments for the Value of Humanity,” Ethics, 128, No. 2 (2018): pp. 346-372.
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  • "Activity, Consciousness, and Well-Being." Analysis, forthcoming.


  • “The New Mooreans,” under review.
  • "Iris Murdoch on the Self," The Sovereignty of the Good 50 After, edited by Carla Bagnoli and Brad Cokelet. Cambridge: Cambridge Philosophical Anniversaries.
  •  “The Value of Intellectual and Aesthetic Activity: A Critique of Ross,” a volume on W. D. Ross, edited by Robert Audi, David Phillips, Philip Stratton-Lake, in progress. 
  • “On Pleasure and the Good,” in progress.
  • Second book project: Reclaiming The Beneficial