Jacob Rosen

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy

Jacob Rosen is an associate professor of philosophy. Before coming to Pittsburgh in 2021 he was a Bersoff Fellow at NYU, a wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (junior researcher) at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and an assistant and associate professor at Harvard. He specializes in Aristotle’s physics, metaphysics, and logic.

Education & Training

  • PhD Princeton, 2008

Representative Publications

(2021). ‘Aristotle’s Actual Infinities’. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 59, 133-185. (download)

(2020). ‘Zeno Beach’. Phronesis, 65, 467-500. (pre-publication manuscript)

(2015). ‘Physics V–VI versus VIII: Unity of Change and Disunity in the Physics’. In Aristotle’s Physics, a Critical Guide (pp. 206-224). Cambridge (UK): Cambridge University Press.

(2014). ‘Essence and End in Aristotle’. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 46, 73-107. (download)

(2013). With Marko Malink. ‘Proof by Assumption of the Possible in Prior Analytics 1.15’. Mind, 122(488), 953–86.

(2012). ‘Motion and Change in Aristotle’s Physics 5. 1’. Phronesis, 57(1), 63-99.

(2012). With Marko Malink. ‘A Method of Modal Proof in Aristotle’. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 42, 179-261. (download)