Joshua Kramer

  • Graduate Student

Joshua has pursued questions of mind and (trans/inter)action, agency, love and friendship, and aesthetics across the ancient Greek and Roman, German and French, and contemporary philosophical traditions. He is particularly interested in the concepts of noûs and erôs across ancient philosophy and the concept of intuition and its relation to reason and perception in Kant, Hegel, and contemporary epistemology and philosophy of mind. He’s also interested in theories of mutual recognition, as well as the relation of self and narration in aesthetics. More recently, he has been exploring questions in the philosophy of neuroscience and their overlap with questions in epistemology and philosophy of medicine (esp. addiction). Before coming to Pittsburgh, he studied Philosophy and Allied Fields (Classics/Literature/Gender and Sexuality) in his undergraduate at the University of Chicago, took a master’s in Ancient Philosophy at Cambridge, and spent a year as a visiting graduate student, research assistant, and course assistant at Rutgers Philosophy and took seminars at Princeton and NYU.