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Department of Philosophy
Cathedral of Learning 1017-I
University of Pittsburgh
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3:AM Interview with Richard Marshall (Preprint: pdf)(Free Access)

Recent Works

“Experience and Its Rational Significance I: Contributions to a Debate,” Philosophical Issues 29, 2019, 324–337. (Preprint: pdf)(Online Publication)

“Experience and Its Rational Significance II: Replies to Brewer, McDowell, and Siegel,” Philosophical Issues 29, 2019, 378–389. (Preprint: pdf)(Online Publication)

“Epistemic Friction” [a critical study of Gila Sher’s Epistemic Friction], Analysis 79, 2019, pp. 164-169. (Preprint: pdf)(Online Publication)

Conscious Experience: A Logical Inquiry, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2019. (Publisher’s Page)

“In Praise of a Logic of Definitions that Tolerates Ω-Inconsistency,” Philosophical Issues 28, 2018, pp. 176-95. (Preprint: pdf)(Online Publication)

“Discussion of James Pryor’s ‘The Merits of Incoherence’” (with Ori Beck et al.), Analytic Philosophy 59, 2018, pp. 142-48. (Online Publication)

“Discussion of Anil Gupta’s ‘Outline of an Account of Experience’” (with Alex Byrne et al.), Analytic Philosophy 59, 2018, pp. 75-88. (Online Publication)

"Outline of an Account of Experience," Analytic Philosophy 59, 2018, pp. 33-74. (Preprint: pdf) (Online Publication)

"Intersubstitutivity Principles and the Generalization Function of Truth" (written with Shawn Standefer), Synthese 195, 2018, pp. 1065-1075. (Preprint: pdf)(Free Access)(Online Publication)