Rudolph Weingartner

  • Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

I have written a number of articles on a variety of philosophical topics, as well as two books in our field, of which Experience and Culture: The Philosophy of Georg Simmel, in effect my dissertation, is the most lasting. Since I moved from teaching philosophy and chairing two philosophy departments into serious administration—thirteen years as dean of arts and sciences at Northwestern University and just a short two as provost of the University of Pittsburgh (long story), I came to write quite a bit about issues pertaining to higher education. Of those writings, the second edition of Fitting Form to Function: A Primer on the Organization of Academic Institutions is much the best. I have also written extensively on my favorite subject: me; see For what I am thinking these days, see my blog at My career at Pitt concluded with my chairing its Philosophy Department, making it three of those. Now I am enjoying my old age living with my daughter’s family in Mexico City.