Clemens Wetcholowsky

  • Graduate Student

Before joining the University of Pittsburgh in 2019, I studied Philosophy, Economics, and American Studies in Göttingen (Germany), Oklahoma, and Berkeley and obtained a BA and an MA, both with distinction and with Philosophy as my main subject. I work mainly in Ancient Philosophy, especially Aristotle, and I wrote my MA thesis on Aristotle’s reception of pre-Socratic accounts of intellect (νοῦς) in his psychological treatise De Anima. Going forward, I’d like to continue to explore Ancient sciences (e.g. Ancient approaches to mathematics, biology, physics, psychology), and I’d like to combine this with the comparison of Ancient methods with present-day ones, e.g. in the contexts of formal logic and proof theory. I also have side interests in the study of Latin and Ancient Greek, and I hold advanced certificates in each of these languages.

Outside philosophy, I enjoy long distance running and vegetarian food. I have a non-academic background as a nursing assistant and worked primarily with dementia patients.