Stephen Perry

  • Graduate Student

My name is Stephen, and the pronouns I use are he/they. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Mathematics at the University of Kentucky, I joined the philosophy department here in 2021. My interests, broadly speaking, are focused in the philosophy of applied mathematics, expanding out to neighboring areas of philosophy of science, ideally infused with feminist, queer, antiracist, and anticolonial thought. At the moment, I enjoy thinking about (i) how and why we use mathematics to understand the world around us, (ii) what mathematics as a human practice looks like and why who does it and how matters, and (iii) early modern women writers, especially Margaret Cavendish, and writing that breaks genre boundaries.

When I’m not doing philosophy (a rare occurrence indeed), I enjoy reading plays and listening to musicals, with the occasional Pokémon game mixed in. I also hypothetically enjoy cats.