Kevin Dorst

  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Kevin Dorst (PhD, MIT 2019) is an assistant professor of philosophy.  Until January 2021, he will also be a Fellow by Examination (JRF) at Magdalen College, Oxford.  He works on epistemology, logic, language, and their intersections.  In epistemology he’s interested in what we should think (the belief-credence connection), why we should think it (foundations), and how we should think aboutwhat we should think (higher-order uncertainty).  In logic, he’s interested in various models of these things; in language, he’s interested the semantics of various statements about them.

More recently, he’s been thinking about the connection between epistemology and cognitive science and psychology—and, in particular, how our idealized models and theories of rationality can help inform our understanding of our non-ideal selves. 

Representative Publications

  • “Abominable KK Failures.” (2019). Mind 128 (512): 1227-1259.
  • “Evidence: A Guide for the Uncertain.” (2020). Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 100 (3): 586-632.
  • “Lockeans Maximize Expected Accuracy.” (2019). Mind 128 (509): 175–211.