Sophia Arbeiter

  • Graduate Student

Before coming to Pitt in 2018, I studied philosophy in Vienna and in Paris. I have broad interests in theoretical philosophy, and in the history of early analytic philosophy (especially Frege, Wittgenstein and Carnap). I am currently mostly thinking about truth and its value, and trying to connect insights from the early analytic period––especially Wittgenstein’s early work––to contemporary debates. 

Two other interests worth mentioning: (i) I am also interested in the philosophy of logic, especially the normativity of logic and the adoption of logical concepts. I think that our concept of logical validity is a thick concept. (ii) I am fascinated by the fact that philosophy is done by means of so many different methodologies. In terms of method I have thought specifically about Descartes' method of doubt, Philosophical Naturalism (especially in Penelope Maddy's work) and of course the method of philosophy in the early analytic period.