Gerald J. Massey, Ph.D (Princeton)

  • Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

In 1970 Dr. Massey came to Pitt from Michigan State to chair the Department of Philosophy, charged with the task of pulling the department together and moving it forward.  His seven-year chairmanship has been called the Golden Age of the Pittsburgh Department, which by 1975 had been adjudged the second best philosophy department in the nation by the National Research Council.  Similarly, in 1988, Dr. Massey began what Adolf Grünbaum has called “an action-packed” nine-year term (1988-1997) as Director of Pitt’s renowned Center for Philosophy of Science, greatly expanding its international reach, influence, and prestige. In 1992, Dr. Massey was appointed Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy.   In 1997 the then President of Germany, Dr. Roman Herzog, awarded Dr. Massey the coveted Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse (Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) for his contributions to German-American philosophy.

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Dr. Massey resides in Slippery Rock, PA with his cat Zorro and his foxhound Lazarus.  He also maintains a cottage on his 73-acre farm in Stoneboro, where he makes hay and works with Morgan horses.  Dr. Massey is always pleased to welcome students, faculty, and staff to his home or farm.

Representative Publications

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