Thomas Ricketts

  • Professor of Philosophy

Tom Ricketts joined the Department in Fall 2005 as Professor. He previously held faculty appointments at Northwestern University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University. His research interests focus on the development of Analytic Philosophy, especially Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap, and Quine.

Representative Publications

  • "Frege, Carnap, and Quine: Continuities and Discontinuities," in Carnap Brought Home: The View from Jena, eds. Steve Awodey and Carsten Klein (Chicago, Ill: Open Court Publishing Company, 2004), pp. 181-202.
  • "Quantification, Sentences, and Truth-values," Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofia 26 (2003): 389-424.
  • "Wittgenstein Against Frege and Russell," in From Frege to Wittgenstein: Essays on Early Analytic Philosophy, ed. Erich Reck, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002), pp. 227-251.
  • "Truth and Propositional Unity in Early Russell," in Future Pasts: The Analytic Tradition in Twentieth-Century Philosophy, edited by Juliet Floyd and Sanford Shieh (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001), pp. 101-121.
  • "Frege's 1906 Foray into Metalogic," Philosophical Topics 25 (1997), pp. 169-187. "Logic and Truth in Frege," The Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 70 (1996), pp. 121-40.