Stephen Ferguson

  • Visiting Associate Professor

Stephen C. Ferguson II is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at North Carolina State University. His areas of specialization are African-American philosophy, political philosophy, Marxism, philosophy of social science and philosophy of sports.

He is the author of the following books: African American Philosophers and Philosophy: An Introduction to the History, Concepts and Contemporary Issues (co-authored with John H. McClendon III) (Bloomsbury 2019); Philosophy of African American Studies: Nothing Left of Blackness (Palgrave, 2015); and Beyond the White Shadow: Philosophy, Sports, and the African-American Experience, which he co-authored with Dr. John H. McClendon III (Kendall Hunt, 2012). He was also the co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2011).

He has also published articles with the following journals: Socialism and Democracy, The Black Scholar, Cultural Logic and Philosophy in the Contemporary World.

His is currently the co-editor of the American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Philosophy of the Black Experience. He is on the advisory board of the African American Philosophy Series for Brill Publishers and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal, Cultural Logic.