Alessandra Buccella to Present at the Society for the Metaphysics of Science in Toronto.
Alessandra Buccella will present her paper “Perceptual constancy is dead, long live perceptual constancy!” at the meeting of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science in Toronto, Canada (Nov. 7th-9th). LEARN MORE >
UHC Grants
Two Philosophy Majors have been awarded selective Honors College Research Fellowships: Nicholas Fuller for his project “The Value of Experience and Logic in Establishing Meaning” and Sandrine Agbayani Gibbons for her project “Globalization, Social Media & Perceptions of Third World Women.” Congratulations Nicholas and Sandrine! LEARN MORE >
Raja Rosenhagen's "Hanson's Account of Experience. An Untimely Defense" has been accepted for publication in Synthese
“Hanson’s Account of Experience. An Untimely Defense” has been accepted for publication in Synthese. In it, Raja argues that Hanson’s account of experience that is implicit in his account of the so-called theory-ladenness of observation is complex, intrinsically interesting, and that it provides an attractive alternative to contemporary representationalist and relationalist accounts of experience.
Physics Avoidance Conference
The Center for Philosophy of Science will be hosting a conference on November 9, 2019 in honor of the recent publication of Mark Wilson’s collection of essays "Physics Avoidance", which groups together his contributions to such philosophical topics as conceptual change, the use of models, and the role of scales in scientific contexts. It will feature scholars in an author meets critics format capped off by a panel discussion. See the following link for further conference details including registration information. LEARN MORE >
Marushak on Gupta
Congratulations to Pitt graduate Adam Marushak, whose paper "On the Hypothetical Given" is forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research! LEARN MORE >
Tomas Albergo Interviewed for APA
Check out philosophy graduate student Tomas Albergo’s member interview on the blog of the American Philosophical Association. LEARN MORE >