Reading Groups

List of Reading Groups (Spring 2022)

Law and Language Reading Group
Time: Biweekly, Fridays at 1:30
Organizer: Taylor Koles,
Description: The law and language group discusses papers in the intersection of studies of law and studies of language, inviting scholars in both fields to try to contribute to developing a philosophically and linguistically sophisticated account of practices like contract, statutory, and constitutional interpretation.

Words Workshop
Time: Fridays 11am-12:30pm
Organizer: Nikki Ernst,
Description: The “Words Workshop” is an international online discussion group dedicated to socially & politically engaged philosophy of language. We’re meeting weekly via Zoom to discuss current papers or works-in-progress with their respective authors. Our members and our guests range from students to senior faculty, and we’re based at various Universities in Europe, North America, and all over the place. If you’re interested in joining us or if you want to contribute a text for discussion, please feel free to get in touch, or just subscribe to this mailing list to receive readings and Zoom invitations.

Feminist Reading Group
Time: Friday, 1:00 - 2:30pm, in room CL-G14
Organizer: Evangelian Collings ( )
Description: We are a feminist philosophy reading group with special interest in Pittsburgh-area philosophers and philosophy of science.

Meaning and Truth
Time: Fridays, biweekly, 2.30 - 4pm
Organizer: Alexander Johnstone,
Description: We read and discuss some classic papers by Davidson, McDowell, and Dummett on the relationship between the concept of truth and the concept of meaning.


Past Reading Groups

Fall 2021: Words Workshop (socially and politically engaged philosophy of language)
Fall 2021: Mark Wilson, Wandering Significance
Fall 2021: History and Philosophy of Aesthetics
Spring 2021: Plato’s Sophist
Summer 2020: Irad Kimhi, Thinking and Being
Summer 2020: Thomas Piketty, Capital and Ideology
Fall 2019-Spring 2020: Chuck Goldhaber, Barry Stroud’s “The Significance of Philosophical Scepticism
Fall 2019: Nandi Theunissen, The Value of Humanity
Spring 2019: History of Logic: Aristotle, Port-Royal Logic, Kant, Wittgenstein
Spring 2019: R. Jay Wallace (2019) The Moral Nexus