Milestones Towards Completion

If you keep up with the requirement for satisfactory progress, you will be in a position to defend your dissertation by the end of your 6th year in the program. It is possible to move more quickly. The Department believes that students who hold their Prospectus Meeting in the spring of their 3rd year should be ready to apply for jobs, and defend their dissertations, in year 5.

Satisfactory Progress: Permission to continue in the graduate program, and continued financial support, depend on satisfactory progress in meeting degree requirements. To make satisfactory progress, you must:

By the start of your 2nd term

Complete the fall core seminar and at least two others

By the start of your 2nd year

Complete six courses, including the spring core seminar

By the start of your 3rd year

Complete 10 courses, including logic and all but one distribution requirement and submit three papers to the Graduate Committee for COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION.

In your 3rd year

Meet regularly with your advisor as you prepare for Comprehensive Examination

By the start of your 4th year

Complete your last 2 courses and the language requirement

By the fall of your 4th year

Pass Comprehensive Examination, hold your Prospectus Meeting, and join the Dissertation Seminar

By the start of your 5th year

Complete a first chapter and the outline of a second

By the end of your 5th year

Complete a second chapter and an outline of the rest

By the start of your 6th year

For a three chapter dissertation:  draft a third chapter and work on materials for the job market