Michael R. Bennett Prize

This prize honors the memory of Michael R. Bennett, who joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh in 1974, coming from UCLA, but died unexpectedly in 1978 at the age of 35. The prize is awarded to a graduate student paper that is found to be of extraordinary quality. Because the standards for the award are high, if no essay is judged to meet those standards, the award is not given out that year. Below is a list of past recipients, many of whom have gone on to extraordinary careers in philosophy. 

(Note: the list below may be incomplete. Please contact the webmaster if you can correct any omissions.)

Year Recipient 
2022 Pablo Zendejas Medina
2021 Aaron Salomon and Aaron Segal
2020 Thomas Breed and Annika Froese
2019 Aaron Segal
2017 Stephen Mackereth and Larkin Philpot
2016 Laura Tomlinson
2014 Jonathan Buttaci
2013 Adam Marushak
2011 Ori Beck
2010 Timothy Willenken
2009 Ian Blecher
2005 Susanna Schellenberg
2004 Andrea Scarantino
2003 Stephen Puryear
2001 Doug Lavin
1999 Matt Boyle
1998 John MacFarlane
1997 Lisa Van Alstyne
1996 Tommie Shelby
1994 Logi Gunnarson
1993 Philip Kremer
1992 Iakovos Vasiliou
1991 Jonathan Mandel
1990 Katherine J. Nolan
1989 David Boonin
1988 Timothy van Gelder
Robert Pennock
1987 Mark Lance
1986 Anna Greco
1985 Charles Cross
1984 Joseph Shea
1983 Michael Kremer
1982 Charles Cross
1981 Patrick Maher
1980 Jay Garfield