• Logic, Truth, Objecthood: A Celebration of Tom Ricketts' work in the history of analytic philosophy. September 16, 2022

  • Annika Froese is finishing her doctorate in philosophy at the University at Pittsburgh. She works on topics in the philosophy of science with a focus on explanation and understanding and currently teaches biomedical ethics. Please click the link for the full article.

  • Stephen Mackereth and Jeremy Avigad’s paper “Two-sorted Frege Arithmetic is not Conservative” is forthcoming in the Review of Symbolic Logic! 

  • Photo of Christine Korsgaard

    Christine Korsgaard to Receive 2023 Rescher Medal

    The University of Pittsburgh announces its award of the 2023 Nicholas Rescher Medal for Contributions to Systematic Philosophy to Christine Korsgaard, the Arthur Kingsley Porter Research Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University. 

  • Charles Goldhaber presented research on Hume's virtue of cheerfulness in a panel on "Skepticism and the Passions in Hume's Philosophy" at the Princeton-Bucharest Early Modern Seminar. His talk, entitled "Hume's Real Riches," and the rest of the panel can be watched on YouTube.

  • Will Misback, who received his BA in Philosophy from Pitt in 2018, has founded a coffee company that donates 20% of its profits to philosophy education:

  • Open Doors Academy will be a week-long program designed to give a taste of graduate student life and various forms of support useful in applying to and flourishing in Ph.D. programs in Philosophy.

  • Bob Batterman's new monograph examines a ubiquitous methodology in physics and the science of materials that focuses on mesoscale structures as a means for investigating complex many-body systems. The book challenges foundational pictures of physics where the most important properties are taken to be found at lower, more fundamental scales.

  • David Wallace’s new book introduces the core topics of philosophy of physics through three key themes – the nature of space, time, and motion; the emergence of irreversible behavior in statistical mechanics; and quantum theory – and discusses their relevance for both scientists and philosophers.

  • Photo of Ashley Purdy and Alnica Visser

    Purdy & Visser joint Sloan Fellows

    Congratulations to Ashley Purdy and Alnica Visser, joint recipients of the 2021/2022 Anna Margaret and Mary Sloan Fellowship!