Bennett Prize 2021
Aaron Salomon and Aaron Segal were awarded the Bennett Prize for 2021, Salomon for his essay "Contractualism and the Question of Direction" and Segal for his essay "Gratitude and Demand". Congratulations Aaron and Aaron! LEARN MORE >
A Middle Way: A Non-Fundamental Approach to Many-Body Physics
Congratulation to Bob Batterman on his forthcoming monograph: A Middle Way: A Non-Fundamental Approach to Many-Body Physics. LEARN MORE >
Felipe in Philosophy Compass!
Congratulations to Felipe Pereira, whose paper `The (Un)Desirability of Immortality' is forthcoming in Philosophy Compass! LEARN MORE >
A Spirit of Trust
Congratulations to Bob Brandom on the forthcoming German translation of his (2019) ``A Spirit of Trust''. The 2019 English original won the Barricelli Prize for best Romanticism studies, and the translation is eagerly awaited from Suhrkamp Verlag in September (2021). LEARN MORE >
Innovation and Certainty
The Department welcomes the publication of Mark Wilson's "Innovation and Certainty" with Cambridge University Press as part of their Elements in the Philosophy of Mathematics series. This work traces the evolution of the concepts of number and figure in response to pressures from developements in mathematics leading from the 19th century, and explores the challenges this historical evolution presents to a conception of mathematics as a repository of necessary truths. LEARN MORE >
In Memory of Professor Mike Dunn
The department laments the recent passing of distinguished alumnus Michael Dunn. Professor Dunn earned his PhD at the University of Pittsburgh under the direction of Nuel Belnap, and made important contributions to relevance logics, and to philosophical logic more broadly. LEARN MORE >