L. Kelson Gustin Law


1029H Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



In his dissertation, Gus seeks to bring post-Anscombian philosophy of action to bear on the free will debate, extending a conception of intentional action to free action. One upshot is that the human agent is un-free in being or acting incorrectly. This resonates with an attitude toward punishment in Ruism, which he studies with a view to questions regarding moral development and the explanatory roles played by virtue. In addition, Gus maintains active interests in Aristotle. On one front he is concerned with Aristotle's view on practical wisdom's place in the face of imperfect political reality and the relation between this virtue and contemplative virtue; on another he tries to determine how exactly contemplative virtue is demonstrative knowledge of causes and how this may explain the unity of Aristotle's four causes.

Apart from philosophy, Gus also enjoys playing his qin (seven-string cither).