Jessica Gelber


1028-E Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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Jessica did her graduate work in philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley.  Her primary area of research is Classical Greek and Roman philosophy.  She is particularly interested in foundational issues in ancient science and medicine.  Her current projects focus on the relation between Aristotle's conception of science and his metaphysics, and on questions about the nature of causation and explanation

Select Publications

Form and Inheritance in Aristotle’s Embryology  in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy XXXIX, Winter 2010

Are Facts about Matter Primitive?  in Theory and Practice in Aristotle’s Natural Philosophy, D. Ebrey (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2015

Aristotle on Essence and Habitat  in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy XLVIII, Summer 2015

Females in Aristotle’s Embryology  in Aristotle’s Generation of Animals: A Critical Guide, A. Falcon and D. Lefebvre (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2017

Uses of aporiai in Generation of Animals  in The Aporetic Tradition in Ancient Philosophy, G. Karamanolis and V. Politis (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2017

Soul’s Tools  in Heat, Pneuma and Soul in Ancient Philosophy and Medicine, C. King, H. Bartos (eds.), forthcoming

Aristotle’s Teleological Perspective in Biology  in The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle’s Biology, S. Connell (ed.), forthcoming

Two Ways of Being For an End  in Phronesis: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy, forthcoming