Discussions of Empiricism and Experience

Book Symposium (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 79, 2009.)

  • Anil Gupta -- Précis of Empiricism and Experience (preprint) (link)
  • John McDowell -- The Given in Experience: Comment on Gupta (link)
  • Christopher Peacocke -- Perception, Content and Rationality (link)
  • Ram Neta -- Empiricism about Experience (link)
  • Anil Gupta -- Equivalence, Reliability, and Convergence: Replies to McDowell, Peacocke, and Neta (preprint) (link)

Book Symposium (International Journal of Philosophical Studies, vol. 17, 2009)

  • Josep E. Corbí -- The Insight of Empiricism: In Defence of a Hypothetical but Propositional Given (link)
  • Tobies Grimaltos and Carlos J. Moya -- Content, Meaning and Truth (link)
  • Valeriano Iranzo -- On the Epistemic Authority of Experience (link)
  • José Martínez Fernández -- On the Reliability of Experience and the Norm of Revision (link)
  • Jordi Valor Abad -- Empiricism and Experience: Two Problems (link)
  • Anil Gupta -- Replies to Six Critics (preprint) (link)

Book Discussion (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 82, 2011)

  • Christopher Frey -- On the Rational Contribution of Experiential Transparency (preprint) (link)
  • Anil Gupta -- Frey on Experiential Transparency and its Rational Role (preprint) (link)

Eastern APA Symposium, December 2008 (Philosophical Studies, Vol. 152, 2011)

  • Selim Berker – Gupta’s Gambit (preprint) (link)
  • Karl Schafer – The Rationalism in Anil Gupta's Empiricism and Experience (link)
  • Anil Gupta -- Replies to Selim Berker and Karl Schafer (pdf) (link)

Selected further discussions

  • Erhan Demirciglou, "The Given in Perceptual Experience," Synthese 192 (2015), 2667-2693.  (link)
  • William Demopoulos, “Three Views of Theoretical Knowledge.” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 62 (2011), 177-205. (link)
  • Vincent Israel-Jost,  L’observation scientifique : aspects épistémologiques et pratiques, Doctoral Dissertation, Paris 1 -- Sorbonne, 2011. (link)
  • Nicholas Ray, Ordinary Empirical Judgments and Our Scientific Knowledge: An Extension of Reformed Empiricism to the Philosophy of Science, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Western Ontario, 2012. (free access)
  • Neil Tennant, Changes of Mind: An Essay on Belief Revision, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • Milos Vuletić, Ways of Appearing: Experience and Its Phenomenology, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 2015. (link)