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Department of Philosophy
Cathedral of Learning 1009-D
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-1814

Recent Works

"Conditionals in Theories of Truth" (written with Shawn Standefer), Journal of Philosophical Logic, forthcoming.  (Preprint: pdf) (Online Publication)

“Definitions,” in Edward N. Zalta (ed.), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring, 2015 edition). (free access)

"The Relationship of Experience to Thought," Monist 96, 2013, pp. 252-94.
(Preprint: pdf) (Published Version: link)

"An Account of Conscious Experience," Analytic Philosophy 53, 2012, pp. 1-29.
(Preprint: pdf) (Published Version: link)

"A Critical Examination of Sellars's Theory of Perception," in M. Frappier et al. (eds.) Analysis and Interpretation in the Exact Sciences, Springer, 2012, pp 31-56. (Preprint: pdf) (Published Version: link)

Truth, Meaning, Experience, New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, 270 pp. (Book Tab)

"Replies to Selim Berker and Karl Schafer," Philosophical Studies, Vol. 152, 2011, pp. 41-53.   (Preprint: pdf) (Published Version: link

“Frey on Experiential Transparency and its Rational Role,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 82, 2011, pp. 717-720. (Preprint: pdf) (Published Version: link)