Job Seekers

Job Candidates

Alessandra Buccella
AOS:  Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science
AOC:  Philosophy of Science (general), M&E, Phenomenology, Aesthetics (especially music)
Joshua Eisenthal
AOS:  Philosophy of Science (esp. Physics), History of Analytic Philosophy
AOC:  Logic, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science
Samuel Gavin
AOS:  Ethics, Metaethics
AOC:  History of Modern Philosophy (esp. Kant), Applied Ethics
Charles Goldhaber
AOS:  Modern Philosophy, Epistemology
AOC:  Ethics, Bioethics, Existentialism
Lok-Chun K. Gustin Law
AOS:  Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Action
AOC:  Neo-Ruism, Chinese Buddhism, Social and Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Existentialism
Tyke Nunez/Albert Nunez
AOS:  Modern Philosophy (esp. Kant), History of Analytic Philosophy
AOC:  Philosophical Logic, Ancient Philosophy, 19th Century German Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind
Annalisa Paese
AOS:  Ethics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Action
AOC:  Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Logic
Jack Samuel
AOS:  Ethics, Metaethics, and Social Philosophy
AOC:  19th Century Philosophy, Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Law
Preston Stovall
AOS:  Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics
AOC:  American Pragmatism, German Idealism, Philosophical Logic,Ethics
Jonathan Surovell
AOS:  Metaphysics, Epistemology, and the History of Analytic Philosophy
AOC:  Philosophy of Science, Biomedical Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Language and Mind, and Philosophical Logic