Colloquium: Mark Schroeder (USC)

“Relationship Pathologies”


Mark Schroeder

University of Southern California
Cathedral of Learning, Room 1008
Friday, September 14, 2018

3:30 pm

There will be a reception immediately following

the talk at the University Club.

Abstract: My goal in this talk will be to introduce what I take to be a new puzzle
about how people can treat their loved ones both poorly and persistently. I call
symmetric versions of the kinds of cases that I have in mind relationship
pathologies, and will argue that although they come in greater and lesser forms,
they are in some form persistent features of all true-to-life loving relationships,
but are very poorly understood on the most obvious available models. I will offer
an answer to this puzzle, and point towards some of the suggestive directions in
which this answer leads, including what it might tell us about the nature of
persons themselves, and not just about interpersonal relationships. And finally, I
will cast my answer in an abstract light, by defending the virtues of
understanding when bad behavior more generally follows from false positives of
underlying good principles.