Jane Friedman Talk
Jane Friedman (NYU) will give a talk on Friday, February 13, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. LEARN MORE >
Philosophy Department Welcomes New Faculty
The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that Professor Jennifer Whiting will be joining the faculty in January, and Thomas Berry will be joining the faculty next fall.
Congratulations to Bob Brandom!
Congratulations to Bob Brandom, who has been awarded the Anneliese Maier Forschungspreis by the Humboldt Foundation. Each year the prize is awarded to three or four people working in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. The prize amount is €250 000 (about $320 000).
Congratulations to Shawn Standefer!
Congratulations to Shawn Standefer, whose article "Solovay-type theorems for circular definitions" has been accepted for publication by the Review of Symbolic Logic.
Hilary Putnam Wins the Rescher Prize for 2015!
The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that Hilary Putnam, Cogan University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, is the recipient of the 2015 Nicholas Rescher Prize for Systematic Philosophy. LEARN MORE >
Congratulations to Karl Schafer!
Congratulations to Karl Schafer, who has just been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure!
Cushing and Humboldt
Giovanni Valente was recently awarded the Cushing Prize for young scholars in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, for his essay “Local Disentanglement in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory.” He is also now the recipient of a Humboldt Research Fellowship. Congratulations Giovanni!
Special Colloquium
The department is pleased to welcome Anton Friedrich Koch (Heidelberg), who will be giving a colloquium series talk on September 19th at 1:00 on "Sellars’s Picture Theory and the Readability of Things". LEARN MORE >
Caie in Philosopher's Annual
Mike's 2013 paper "Rational Probabilistic Incoherence" has been selected as one of the ten best in philosophy by the Philosopher's Annual. Congratulations Mike! LEARN MORE >
Adam Marushak wins Bennett Prize
Congratulations to Adam Marushak. His essay, “Hypothetical Entitlement and the Epistemic Contribution of Convergence,” was selected as the 2014 Winner of the Michael R. Bennett Prize in Philosophy. The Michael R. Bennett Prize in Philosophy is made in honor of Michael Bennett who was a member of the Department from 1974 to 1979.
Nicholas Rescher Prize for Systematic Philosophy
The Philosophy Department is pleased to invite nominations for the Nicholas Rescher Prize for Systematic Philosophy. The nominations should be sent to Collie Henderson ( by July 15, 2014. The winner of the Prize will be announced in October 2014. LEARN MORE >
Congratulations to Kathryn Lindeman!
Kathryn was offered and accepted a tenure track position at St. Louis University. Congratulations Kathryn!
Congratulations to Katharina Nieswandt!
Katharina Nieswandt has won a 2014 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation "In What Sense Are Rights Conventional?" This year the Newcombe Fellowship was awarded to only the top 4% of the applicants. Congratulations to Katharina!
Congratulations to Meghan Dupree
Meghan Dupree was hired by Loyola University Maryland. Before starting at Loyola, Meghan will take a one year postdoc at Baylor University (2014-15).
Philosophy Department Welcomes New Faculty
We are delighted to announce that Michael Caie and Jessica Gelber will by joining our department this fall. Michael works in Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, and Formal Epistemology. Jessica works in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy.