Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Rescher!
The German Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Brandenburg is awarding Nicholas Rescher its most distinguished prize, the Helmholtz Medal, in recognition of his lifetime contributions to philosophy. Bestowed every other year on a scientist or scholar of international note, the twelve latest recipients include four Nobel Laureates. The formal award will take place at a ceremony in Berlin in June of 2016. LEARN MORE >
Pitt Pride
This month's Pitt Pride Newsletter includes a feature on undergraduate major Santino Petrocelli and an interview with Distinguished Professor Robert Brandom! LEARN MORE >
Raja Rosenhagen Talk
Over Thanksgiving break, Raja was in Germany as an invited speaker at the 5th International Moritz-Schlick-Symposion in Rostock at the University of Rostock, Germany, where he gave a talk on Norwood Russell Hanson’s Notion of the Theoryladenness of Observation. LEARN MORE >
Raja Rosenhagen Presentation
Raja will be presenting his paper: “Seeing As and Seeing That—A Fresh Look at Hanson’s Dually Representationalist Account of Observation” at the CSPA (Central States Philosophers Association) in Lexington, Kentucky, this Saturday, November 7.
Stoics and Epicureans
Kelson Law will be presenting "The Stoic Response to Epicureans: Far More than Another 'Cradle Argument'" and "A Puzzle about Enkrateia in Mencius" at the 33rd Annual Joint Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science at Fordham University, Oct 23-25, 2015
The Material Conditions of Freedom
Suzie Love's paper entitled "The Material Conditions of Freedom" was just accepted to be presented at the Pacific Division Meeting of the APA!
Aldo Antonelli (1962-2015)
The department is saddened to learn of the passing of Aldo Antonelli. Professor Antonelli earned his PhD at Pittsburgh, and went on to make significant contributions to logic. A memorial can be found at the linked UC Davis Philosophy homepage. LEARN MORE >
Chuck Goldhaber Presentation
Chuck Goldhaber will be presenting a paper entitled "Does Kant try to refute Humean scepticism?" LEARN MORE >
Congratulations to Distinguished Professor Mark Wilson!
The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that Mark Wilson is now a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy.
Congratulations to James Shaw!
Congratulations to James Shaw on his recent promotion to Associate Professor of Philosophy with tenure!
Alnica Visser in Print
Congratulations to Alnica Visser whose paper "The original analytic/synthetic distinction: Still no cause for concern" is forthcoming in the South African Journal of Philosophy! LEARN MORE >
Both Joe Milburn and Preston Stovall will be commenting on papers at the upcoming conference on generics at Harvard University! LEARN MORE >
Bennett Prize 2015
Congratulations to Jonathan Buttaci, whose paper “Aristotle on First Potentiality and the Possibility of Learning-By-Doing” was just awarded the Michael R. Bennett Prize in Philosophy!
Thinking with the Body
Alessandra Buccella will be presenting her paper "Thinking with the Body: Language and Communication from an Unconventionally Inferentialist Perspective" at the 2015 Northwest Philosophy Conference! LEARN MORE >
Murdoch on Love and Privacy
Raja Rosenhagen will be giving a talk titled “Murdoch on Love and Privacy” at the SEP-FEP Joint Annual Conference in Dundee, Scotland, UK, on September 4th. LEARN MORE >