Congratulations to Justin Humphreys!
Justin's paper "Disjunctivism and the Stream of Consciousness" has been selected as the winner of APA's 2018 William James Prize for the best paper in the area of American philosophy accepted for inclusion in the Eastern Division program. Congratulations on this honor!
Mechanics and Mechanisms
Congratulations to Josh Eisenthal whose "Mechanics without Mechanisms" was just published in Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics! LEARN MORE >
Congratulations to Samuel Gavin!
University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. candidate Samuel Gavin has been named one of 21 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellows for 2017 at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The Newcombe Fellowship is the nation’s largest and most prestigious award for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences addressing questions of ethical and religious values. Each Fellow will receive a 12-month award of $25,000 to support their final year of dissertation work. Mr. Gavin is completing his dissertation, titled "Constitutivism and Natural Normativity in Ethics," in the Department of Philosophy. The dissertation seeks to reconcile two schools of thought in ethics, one that bases morality on reason and another that bases it on human nature.
Aristotle Resurgent
A conference in honor of Allan Gotthelf sponsored by the Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship through a grant to the Philosophy Department of Rutgers University. LEARN MORE >
Alessandra Buccella Talk
Alessandra Buccella will present her paper titled “how should we think about perceptual presence?” at the Gateway Graduate Conference “Consciousness and Self-Awareness” at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, on April 29-30. LEARN MORE >
Reconsidering Hegel's Logic
The conference "Reconsidering Hegel's Logic" will be held April 14-16, 2017. For registration and further information: LEARN MORE >
Society for Philosophy and Psychology
Alison Springle and Justin Humphreys will be presenting “Judging Intellectualism by its Explanatory Fruit” as a poster at the Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP) in Baltimore, MD this summer (June 29-July 1). According to the acceptance email, the conference received "close to 300 submissions, yielding a fierce competition," and leaving space "for just a select group of submissions on the program." LEARN MORE >
Anil Gupta Talk
Anil Gupta will give a talk titled "Russell on our Knowledge of the External World" on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 342 CL (the Welsh Nationality Room.)
Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society
Adam Marushak will be presenting his paper "Veritic Semantics for Epistemic Modals" at the Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society on March 9.
Central APA
Raja Rosenhagen will contribute to the upcoming Central APA in Kansas City by commenting on a paper by Haoying Liu: “The Combination Problem and the Phenomenal Bond” (03-02, Colloquium IV-M: Mind and Body, 4:20-5:20pm). He will also participate in the Mentoring the Mentors workshop (all day) offered and sponsored by the APA on Saturday 03/04.
"Practical Perceptual Representation"
Alison Springle will be presenting her paper "Practical Perceptual Representation" at the 2017 meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SSPP) in Savannah, GA March 22-24. LEARN MORE >
Anil Gupta Interviewed by 3:AM Magazine
"Kant's Deductions and the Completeness of the Table of Judgments"
Aaron Segal will be presenting "Kant's Deductions and the Completeness of the Table of Judgments" at "Models of Human and Divine Intellect in Kant and Hegel," a graduate workshop at Universität Tübingen from February 16-18.
Rational Illusions and Cross-Cultural Philosophy at the Eastern APA
At this year’s Eastern APA (01/04-01/07) in Baltimore, Raja Rosenhagen will be presenting twice. In his first talk, “Capitalizing on Illusory Experiences,” he argues not only that illusory experiences play a rational role, but also that their doing so is explicable without assuming that experience has content. In the second presentation, he engages in some cross-cultural philosophy. At the Annual Meeting of the Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion, in a presentation entitled “Sarvaga and Just Attention: Buddhist Elements in Murdochian Ethics,” he will suggest that there is significant overlap between Philosophy of Moral Perception as it appears in certain strands of Buddhist thought and the conception of Love as Just Attention developed by Iris Murdoch.
Teaching and Publications - Preston Stovall
Preston Stovall will be teaching two courses at St. Vincent College in the spring. He is currently teaching a course on Aristotelian virtue, Kantian autonomy, and cognitive behavioral therapy at the Allegheny County Jail, and he has recently published an essay “On the Role of the Public Intellectual in the United States” at the Heterodox Academy, and a review of Jim O’Shea’s Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason: An Introduction and Interpretation at Kantian Review. LEARN MORE >