The 2021 Rescher Medal Lecture will be held on February 5, 2021. LEARN MORE >
Alessandra in the APA
Alessandra Buccella interviewed in APA online! LEARN MORE >
Bennett Prize 2020
Tom Breed and Annika Froese were awarded the Bennett Prize for 2020, Tom for his essay "Objectivity and Rational Perception" and Annika for her essay "How to be an Egalitarian about Contrastive Explanation". Congratulations Tom and Annika! LEARN MORE >
McKenna in Print
Congratulations to Travis McKenna, whose paper "Marc Lange and Minimal Model Explanations: A Defence of Batterman and Rice" has been accepted for publication in the journal, Philosophy of Science. More details TBA.
Goldhaber on Hume
Congratulations to Charles Goldhaber, whose paper "The Humors in Hume's Skepticism" has been accepted for publication at Ergo! Goldhaber argues that Hume's use of medical metaphors throughout his discussions of skepticism reveal a compelling and unique conception of skepticism and its role in human life. Pre-prints are available at Goldhaber's website, linked here: LEARN MORE >
There will be a conference on Anil Gupta's Conscious Experience: A Logical Inquiry in New Delhi, India, 14 February to 16 February. LEARN MORE >
Robert Brandom, a Philosopher’s Philosopher
Jules Gleeson reflects on Robert Brandom's contributions to philosophy in light of the recent publication of his monumental A Spirit of Trust. LEARN MORE >
Goldhaber in Print
Congratulations to Charles Goldhaber, whose paper "Does perceptual psychology rule out disjunctivism in the theory of perception?" is forthcoming in Synthese. Pre-prints are available at his website. LEARN MORE >
Nandi Theunissen's New Book
Nandi Theunissen's book, The Value of Humanity, has just been announced by Oxford University Press and will be released later this month. In it, Nandi develops a relational account of the value of human beings. She proposes that people are of value because we are constituted in such a way that we can be good for ourselves in the sense that we are able to lead flourishing lives. Intuitively, a person matters because she matters to herself in a very particular sort of way; to appropriate a phrase, she is a being for whom her life can be an issue. LEARN MORE >
Jack Samuel's paper provisionally forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility
Jack presented "The Sociality of Agency" at the New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility November 14th, and the paper is promised to the 7th Oxford Studies volume, to appear mid-2021. See his research page for more information. LEARN MORE >
Graduate Conference Submissions
The department welcomes submissions for this spring's Pitt/CMU Graduate Student Conference with the theme: Decisions and Transformative Experiences (see the link below to apply). The conference takes place March 21-22, 2020, with Laurie Paul (Yale), Colin Allen (HPS), and Teddy Seidenfeld (CMU) as keynote speakers. LEARN MORE >
New Website for the Feminist Philosophy Reading Group
The feminist philosophy reading group has a new website! The website is regularly updated with the readings for the group and local events in feminist philosophy. LEARN MORE >
Alessandra Buccella to Present at the Society for the Metaphysics of Science in Toronto.
Alessandra Buccella will present her paper “Perceptual constancy is dead, long live perceptual constancy!” at the meeting of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science in Toronto, Canada (Nov. 7th-9th). LEARN MORE >
UHC Grants
Two Philosophy Majors have been awarded selective Honors College Research Fellowships: Nicholas Fuller for his project “The Value of Experience and Logic in Establishing Meaning” and Sandrine Agbayani Gibbons for her project “Globalization, Social Media & Perceptions of Third World Women.” Congratulations Nicholas and Sandrine! LEARN MORE >
Raja Rosenhagen's "Hanson's Account of Experience. An Untimely Defense" has been accepted for publication in Synthese
“Hanson’s Account of Experience. An Untimely Defense” has been accepted for publication in Synthese. In it, Raja argues that Hanson’s account of experience that is implicit in his account of the so-called theory-ladenness of observation is complex, intrinsically interesting, and that it provides an attractive alternative to contemporary representationalist and relationalist accounts of experience.