Our graduates acquire a broad philosophical background and teaching experience that makes them attractive candidates and prepares them to teach a wide variety of courses. In recent years many students have been placed in leading American and foreign colleges and universities.


Dissertation Title
Initial Placement Most Recent Position

Milos Vuletic "Ways of Appearing: Experience and its Phenomenology (Gupta)

University of Belgrade (TT)  

Mikio Akagi "Cognition in Practice:  Conceptual Development and Disagreement in Cognitive Science" (Brandom)

Texas Christian University, John V. Roach Honors College (TT)  
Jon Buttaci  "Thinking Forms in Images:  Aristotle on Intellectual Capacities, Activities, and Virtues" (Lennox/ McDowell) Catholic University of America (TT)  
Casey Doyle "Four Essays on Self- Knowledge" (McDowell) Junior Research Fellow- St. Hilda's College, Oxford




Ulf Hlobil "What is Inference? Or the Force of Reasoning" (Brandom) Concordia University
Jennifer Jhun "A Defense of Equilibrium Reasoning in Economics" (Wilson/ Woodward) Lake Forest College

Joe Milburn "Generics, Epistemic Luck, and Knowledge" (Schafer/ Setiya)

Notre Dame
(Research Fellow)

University of Navarra (VAP)

Preston Stovall "Material Inferential Modal Expressivism and a  Descriptive Metaphysics of Kinds" (Brandom)

U. of Králové, Czech Republic (Postdoc)  
Tyke Nunez "Kant's formal idealism, the synthetic a priori, and the contitution of objects of experience. (Engstrom)

Washington University- St. Louis
Adjunct Professor


Robert Steel "Planning for Failbure" (Shaw/ Schafer)

National Institute of Health, Department of Bioethics
(2-year fellowship)

Ori Beck "On Learning from Experience"
Christ's College, University of Cambridge, Junior Research Fellow (post-doc)  
Katharina Nieswandt  "Moral Rights and Social Conventions: Three Studies in Metaethics"

Stanford Center for Ethics and Society (Post-doc)

Concordia University (TT)
Shawn Standefer "Truth, Semantic Closure, and Conditionals"
University of Melbourne (post-doc)  
Meghan Dupree  "Duhem's Balancing Act:  Quasi-Static Reasoning in Physical Theory"
(Wilson/ Batterman)

Baylor 1 year post-doc
Loyola University Maryland (TT)

Kathryn Lindeman "Grounding Constitutivism"
St. Louis University (TT)  

Jonathan Surovell "Carnap's Pragmatism"

Texas State, San Marcos


Kim Frost "Mental Capacities and Their Imperfect Exercises:  The Essential Normativity of the Mind"

Syracuse University (TT)                                                            

Brandon Hogan "From Punishment to Recognition: Toward a Hegelian Theory of Criminal Justice"

Howard University (TT)  
Ian Blecher
"Kant and the Meaning of
Existence: A Modal Account"
Art Institute of Chicago
(one-year renewal)
Hunter College (TT)
Brett Caloia
"Self-Knowledge and Interpretation"
(Thompson/ Machamer)
William and Hobart Smith Colleges  
Jennifer Frey
"Action and the Good:
An Essay on the Nature of Practical
Reason and Will"
University of Chicago
(Harper and Schmidt Fellow- four year)
University of South Carolina (TT)
James Pearson
"Logic and Intelligibility"
William Jewell College
Bridgewater State University (TT)

Vanessa Wills
"Marx and Morality"


St. Joseph's University (TT)  
Arthur Cunningham
"The Role of Decoherence in the Emergence of Definite Properties" (Earman/ Ruetsche)
St. Olaf College (TT)  
Erhan Demircioglu
"At the Gates of Consciousness: Physicalism and Phenomenal Concepts" (Gupta)
Koc University (Turkey) Middle East Technical
University (Turkey) (TT)
Christopher Frey
"Presence to Self: An Essay on the Phenomenal Origins of Intentionality" (Gupta)
University of Chicago (TT) University of South Carolina (TT)
Gregory Gates
"Probabilistic Accounts of Inferential Justification: Liberalism and Inference to the Best Explanation" (Gupta/ Dorr)
University of Pittsburgh (Visiting)  
Kohei Kishida
"Generalized Topological Semantics for First-Order Modal Logic" (Belnap/ Awodey)
Universiteit van Amsterdam (Post-doc)  
Jo-Jo Koo
"Understanding the Social Constitution of the Human Individual" (McDowell)
Concordia University (Visiting) Dickinson College (Visiting)
Hans Lottenbach
"Happiness, Approbation, and Rational Choice: Studies in Empiricist Moral Philosophy" (Engstrom)
Kenyon College (TT)  
Evgenia Mylonaki
"From Conflict to Unity: Motivation and Practical Reason" (Setiya)
College Year in Athens  
Alexandra Newton
"Kant on Logical Form" (McDowell/ Engstrom)
University of Leipzig Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (TT)
Hille Paakkunainen
"Towards the Autonomy of Ethics: Skepticism, Agency, and Normative Commitment" (Setiya)
Syracuse University (TT)  
Jamsheed Siyar
"Kant's Conception of Practical Reason" (Engstrom)
College of Wooster (Visiting)  
Gregory Strom
"Multitasking: Consequentialism and Practical Imagination" (Brandom)
University of Sydney (Post-doc)  
Joshua Stuchlik
"Reason's Self-Actualization: An Essay on Self-Consciousness and Rational Agency" (McDowell)
University of St. Thomas (TT)



Timothy Willenken
"Skepticism About Epistemic Reason" (Setiya)
Hao Tang
"Wittgenstein on Subjectivity: The Metaphysical Subject in the Tractatus and the Human Being in the Investigations" (McDowell)
University of Akron (Senior Lecturer)  
Benjamin Laurence
"Ideal Theory as Democratic Theory" (Thompson)
University of Chicago (TT)  
Mark Criley
"Contested Concepts and Competing Conceptions" (Gupta)
Illinois Wesleyan University (TT)  
Christopher Campbell
"Form without Formalism"(McDowell)
Glendon College, University of York (TT)  
Gregory Salmieri
"Aristotle and the Problems of Concepts" (Lennox)
University of North Carolina (Visiting)  
Graham Hubbs
"The Rational Unity of the Self" (McDowell)
University of North Carolina (one-year) University of Idaho (TT)
Endre Begby
"On the Structure of Communicative Understanding" (McDowell)
Claremont McKenna (one-year) Simon Fraser University (TT)
Anton Ford
"Action and Generality" (Thompson)
University of Chicago (TT)  
Karen Frost-Arnold
"The Epistemological Importance of Trust in Science" (Mitchell/ Setiya)
University of Las Vegas (lecturer) Hobart and William Smith Colleges (TT)
Markos Valaris
"A Priori Knowledge" (McDowell)
Georgia State (visiting) University of New South Wales
Susanna Schellenberg
"Perception in Perspective" (McDowell)
Australia National University (post-doc) Rutgers University
Jeremy Heis
"The Fact of Modern Mathematics: Geometry, Logic, and Concept Formation in Kant and Cassirer " (Wilson)
University of California, Irvine (TT)  
Evan Riley
"Locke's Perfectionist Liberalism: An Articulation and Defense" (Thompson)
Ohio University (one-year, renewed) College of Wooster (visiting)
David Berger
"Inhabiting the Epistemic Frame of Mind: Plato's Protagoras and the Socratic Denial of Akrasia" (Allen)
Continuing education in another field


David Finkelstein
"Wittgensteinian Quietism" (McDowell)
Law School  
Jukka Keranen
"Cognitive Control in Mathematics" (Manders)
Paul Muench
"Kierkegaard's Socratic Task" (McDowell/ Conant)
University of Montana (TT)  
Stephen Puryear
"Perception and Representation in Leibniz" (Rescher)
3-year post-doc at Stanford North Carolina State University (TT)
Matthew Boyle
"Kant and the Significance of Self-Consciousness" (McDowell)
Harvard (TT)  
Kevin Scharp
"Truth and Alethic Paradox" (Brandom)
Ohio State (TT)  
Lionel Shapiro
"Norms, Revisions, and Linguistic Practices: Three Essays on Theories of Conceptual Content" (Camp)
University of Connecticut (TT)  
Kevin Davey
"Problems in Applying Mathematics: On the Inferential and Representational Limits of Mathematics in Physics" (Clifton/Norton)
University of Kansas (TT) University of Chicago (TT)
Douglas Lavin
"Practical Reasons and the Conditions of Agency" (Thompson)
Harvard (TT)  
Melissa Merritt
"Drawing from the Sources of Reason: Reflective Self-Knowledge in Kant's First Critique" (Engstrom)
Georgia State (TT) University of New South Wales
Bridget Clarke
"The Lens of Character:  Aristotle, Murdoch and the Idea of Moral Perception" (Engstrom)
Williams (TT) University of Montana (TT)
Matthew Weiner
"Accepting Testimony" (Belnap)
University of Utah (one year) University of Vermont
Janice Dowell
"A defense of semantic primitivism" (Brandom)
Bowling Green State University (TT) University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Ben Eggleston
"Self-defeat, publicity, and incoherence: three criteria for consequentialist theories" (Gauthier)
University of Kansas (TT)  
Maura Tumulty
"Presence of mind: belief, perception, and expressivity" (McDowell)
Johns Hopkins University (TT) Colgate University
Chrisoula Andreou
"The moral grip" (Gauthier)
University of Utah (TT)  
Hans Halvorson
"Locality, localization, and the particle concept: topics in the foundations of quantum field theory" (Clifton)
Princeton University (TT)  
Douglas Patterson
"Minimal inflationism: A defense of the truth-conditional theory of meaning" (Brandom)
Kansas State University (TT)  
Alexander Pruss
"Possible worlds: what they are good for and what they are" (Rescher)
Georgetown University (TT) Baylor University
Jonathan Weiss
"Justice and the 'metaphysical impulse'" (McDowell)
Attending Harvard Law School Clerk for federal appellate court judge in California after graduating Harvard Law School.
Alice Crary
"The role of feeling in moral thought" (McDowell)
New School University (TT) Oxford University (T)
ABD (Engstrom) Princeton University (1-year) Kenyon College (TT)
John MacFarlane
"What does it mean to say that logic is formal?" (Brandom)
UC Berkeley (TT)  
Susan Sterrett
"How beliefs make a difference" (McDowell)
Duke University (TT)  
Jennifer Nagel
"The role of necessity in empirical knowledge" (McDowell)
University of Toronto (TT)  
Umut Ergun
"Contractarianism and coherence with moral judgments: Rawls and Scanlon on theory evaluation" (Gauthier)
Yale Law School  
Zvi Cohen
"Reasons, justifications and excuses" (McDowell)
Left philosophy  
1998 - 1999
David Beisecker University of Nevada- Las Vegas (TT)  
Deborah Boyle
"The treasure house of the mind: Descartes' conception of innate ideas" (Engstrom)
College of Charleston (TT)  
Stephen Glaister
"Aspects of the theory of qualitative rational belief change" (Belnap)
University of Washington (non-TT)  
Eric Marcus
"Mental causation: natural, but not naturalized" (Haugeland)
University of Utah (1-year) Auburn University (TT)
Dale Miller
"Public spirit and liberal democracy: John Stuart Mill's civic liberalism" (Gauthier)
University of Minnesota--Duluth (1-year) Old Dominion University (TT)
John Roberts
"Laws of nature: meeting the empiricist challenge" (Camp/Earman)
UNC-Chapel Hill (TT)  
"Appropriating persons: John Locke's theory of private property" (Engstrom) Philosophical Review University of Toronto (TT)
(starting Fall 2004)
"The problem of Mitleid and the morality of Mitleid: a reading of Nietzsche on morality" (Horowitz) University of Iceland  
"Moral attention: toward a liberationist ethics of everyday life"
Moravian College (TT)  
"The instability of skepticism"
University of Utah (TT)  
"Social anatomy of action: toward a responsibility-based conception of agency" (Brandom) University of Southern Mississippi (part-time)  
"The union of soul and body: Descartes' conception of a human being" (Engstrom) College of Charleston (TT) Hampshire College (TT)
Simon Fraser University (starting Fall 2002)
"Marxism and the critique of moral ideology" (Gauthier) Ohio State University (TT) Harvard University, Dept. of Afro-American Studies (TT)
"Whatever is never and nowhere is not: space, time, and ontology in classical and quantum gravity" (Earman) Princeton University (TT) University of Pittsburgh (tenured)
"Ethics and the intentional"
UC Berkeley, Boalt Law School (faculty) University of Pennsylvania Law School (faculty)
"Semantic norms and temporal externalism" (Brandom) University of Toledo (TT) York University (TT)
"Using and understanding"
Southern Methodist University (TT)  
"Nonsense, logic, and skepticism"
University of Illinois -- Champaign-Urbana (1-year) Colgate University (tenured)
"Self, sympathy, and society in Hume's Treatise of Human Nature" (A. Baier) University of Toronto (TT)  
"Toward a coherent theory of moral rights" (Camp)  Northwestern University (TT)  
"Making moral sense: substantive critique as an alternative to rationalism in ethics" (McDowell) Technische Universität - Berlin Humboldt Universtät zu Berlin
"Conformity, creativity and the social constitution of the subject" (Haugeland) University of Oregon (TT) University of South Florida (tenured)
"Virtue taking form: a study of Plato's 'Protagoras'" (Gill) (Never sought placement)  
"On the verge of collapse: modal interpretations of quantum mechanics" (Earman) Middlebury College (TT) University of Pittsburgh (tenured)
The object of reason: an inquiry into the possibility of practical reason" (A. Baier) Kansas State University (2-year) University of Toronto (TT)
"An investigation in the logics of seeing-to-it-that" (Belnap) Cycorp, Inc. Indiana University (1-year)
"Analogical reasoning and plausibility in the sciences" (Salmon) University of British Columbia (TT)  
"Speaking my mind: first-person authority and conscious mentality" (Camp) Indiana University (TT) University of Chicago (tenured)
"Principle and particularity in justice as fairness" (K. Baier) SUNY-Albany (TT) SUNY-Albany (tenured)
"John Dewey's epistemology" (Gale) Left philosophy to pursue PhD in finance at University of Chicago University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (tenured associate professor of finance)
"Property rights and the political philosophy of John Locke" (Gauthier) Kenyon College (1-year) University of New Hampshire (tenured)
"Significance, emotions, and objectivity: some liimits of animal thought" (Haugeland) Franklin & Marshall College (TT) Franklin & Marshall College (tenured)
"Cosmoi: the best of all possible worlds" (Gale) West Virginia University (1-year) Hillsdale College (TT)
"The deliberative landscape: an essay in moral psychology" (Gauthier) University of Chicago (TT) University of Chicago (tenured)
"Material falsity in Descartes' Meditations" (A. Baier) Singapore National University (TT)  
"Real properties, relevance logic, and identity" (Belnap) Stanford University (3-year) University of Toronto (tenured)
"Cognitive instability, unpersuadability of the knower, and the deceptiveness of the world: a study in Plato's epistemology" (McDowell) Ohio State University (non-TT) Practicing law
"Illocutions and attitudes" (Belnap) University of Virginia (TT) University of Virginia (tenured)
"Probablistic causation in scientific explanation" (W. Salmon) Rice University (TT/tenured) California Institute of Technology (tenured)
"Causation and non-reductionism" (Brandom) Yale University (TT)  
"Descartes's representation of the self" (A. Baier) Hamilton College (2-year) University of New Mexico (tenured)
"Misperceptions of Aristotle: his alleged responses to the skeptic" (Whiting) Georgia State University (TT) Brooklyn College (TT)
"A Kantian criticism of consequentialism" (Gauthier) Lafayette College (1-year) University of Baltimore (TT)
"Reason, persons, and artworks" (A. Baier) University of Nevada - Reno (TT) University of Nevada - Reno (tenured)
"Revision rules: an investigation into non-monotonic inductive definitions" (Belnap) Yale University (2-year) University of California, Irvine (tenured)
"Motions of the mind: Thomas Hobbes and the science of moral virtue" (Gauthier) Georgetown University (1-year) University of Colorado (tenured)
"Content and confirmation" (W. Salmon) Yale University (TT) Birbeck College, University of London (tenured)
"Friendship and alienation" (A. Baier) University of Manitoba (TT) University of Manitoba (tenured)
"From animal rights to animal liberation: an anarchistic approach to inter-species morality" (Whiting) Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University University of Dayton (TT)
"Reason dethroned; knowledge regained" (Camp) Left philosophy to pursue Library & Information Science degree  
"The determinate character of perceptual experience" (McDowell) University of Toronto (TT) University of Toronto (tenured)
"Subjectivity, real intentionality, and animal minds" (McDowell) Bowling Green State University (TT) Bowling Green State University (tenured)


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