Enactivism and Indeterminacy
Alessandra Buccella will present a poster titled “Enactivism and Indeterminacy” at the conference “Enactivism: Theory and Performance” at the University of Memphis on March 15-17. The conference will feature many important theorists in enactivism and embodied cognitive science, such as Dan Hutto, Erik Myin, Shaun Gallagher, and Tony Chemero.
Inferentialism and Radical Contextualism in Portugal
Thomas J. Breed will be presenting his paper "Inferentialism in Context" at the University of Porto's Mind Language and Action Group's second graduate conference. He will be joining Charles Travis (University of Porto/KCL), Martina Nida-Rümelin (University of Fribourg), and Anna Ciaunica (University of Porto/UCL), as well as a host of other graduate presenters for the three day conference, which runs from the 21st-23rd March. LEARN MORE >
Charles Golhaber Presentations
Charles Goldhaber will be presenting his paper "The humors in Hume's skepticism" at two upcoming conferences: Disorder: A Graduate Student conference at Temple University, April 7, and University of Toronto Graduate Conference, PsyPhi: Philosophy Meets Psychology, May 7–8. LEARN MORE >
Alison Springle updates
Alison has a paper with Rick Grush, "Agency, perception, space, and subjectivity" forthcoming in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. She will also be presenting her paper “On What Else Perceptual Representation Could Be” at the SSPP (Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology) in San Antonio TX in March.
Recipe for an unmoving heart/mind
At this year's Eastern APA meeting in Savannah, GA, Gus Law will present his interpretation of Gaozi's terse and mysterious maxim, cited in Mengzi 2A2, for maintaining one's peace of mind.
Reasons and Modals
Adam Marushak will be presenting his paper "Reasons and Modals" at the New York Philosophy of Language Workshop on Monday Nov. 13th. LEARN MORE >