Perceptual Experience and Empirical Reason
Perceptual Experience and Empirical Reason Conference will be held October 21-23, 2016. For further information and registration, please go to LEARN MORE >
Alessandra Buccella Presentation
Alessandra will be presenting a paper titled “A new look at the intentionality of phenomenology” at the University of North Carolina-Asheville (June 2-4). The conference is called “Pragmatism and the Brain”.
Adam Marushak Presentation
Adam Marushak will be presenting his paper "The Semantics of Epistemic Reasons and Epistemic Modals" at the St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, on May 23rd.
Proof Theory and Ground
Preston Stovall will be presenting "A Proof-Theoretic Analysis of Explanation and Ground" on Friday May 5th at the 44th annual meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy at the University of Miami.
Posters at the SPP
Posters to be presented at the 2016 SPP in Austin include: Mikio Akagi, "Cognition as the Sensitive Management of Organismal Behavior," Jasmin Özel, "Perceptual Judgment and Ampliative Inference," and Alison Springle, "Doing Away with the Descriptive Dogma of Perception".
The Stoics and Cicero’s de Finibus
Kelson Law will be presenting "The Stoic response in Cicero’s de Finibus to the ‘cradle argument’" to the Philosophy Club of the San Francisco State University on April 11 as guest speaker, and at the Annual Meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society in Portland, Maine, on April 29 LEARN MORE >