The Philosophy of Sound
Alessandra Buccella will be presenting "A Two-pied Theory of Sounds" at the Graduate Conference of the University of the West of England dedicated to the "Philosophy of Sound: Collaborations in Ontology, (Meta)Physics, and Experience."
Suzie Love at the APA
Suzie Love will be presenting her paper "Communal Ownership and Kant's Theory of Right" at the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Society.
Tom Breed at PhilMiLCog
Tom Breed will be presenting his paper entitled "Phenomenology, Content, and the Individuation of Perceptual Capacities" at UWO's conference on Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Cognition next month. LEARN MORE >
Hegelian Constructivism
Jack Samuel will be presenting "Humean Constructivism or Hegelian Constructivism?" (co-authored with Kirun Sankaran) at the Normativity and German Idealism conference at the University of Sussex. LEARN MORE >
Alison Springle on Representation
Alison Springle will be giving a poster presentation, "Active Content", at the ASSC Workshop on Sensorimotor Theory workshop in Paris. She'll also be presenting "From Sensation to Perception via Spatial Representation" at the BPPA masterclass on objectivity, space and mind.
Elizabeth Baranger Award
Congratulations to both Jon Butacci and Benjamin Schulz, who each received an Elizabeth Baranger prize for excellence in teaching this year, ensuring that philosophy accounted for two of the seven university-wide awards!